New Endo Tip for LiteTouch™


For Best Results of Cleaning and Disinfecting
of the Root Canal System!


Introducing the brand new Endo Tip:


  • A flexible, hollow, side-firing conical tip, with circumferential spiral slits located throughout the length of the tip while the apical end of the tip is sealed.


  • The Endo tip special design allows omnidirectional (360º) laser beam delivery throughout the tip’s length, rather than direct emission through a single opening at the tip’s end.


  • This unique design enables efficient cleaning, disinfecting and removal of smear layer from the root canal walls and dentinal tubules.



Watch the protocol video animation >


* The Endo Tip was developed by Prof. Adam Stabholz and Light Instruments Ltd. The SEM studies were conducted at the Hebrew University – Hadassah School of Dental Medicine in Jerusalem, by Prof. Adam Stabholz & Dr. Sharonit Sahar-Helft.


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