The D-Storm™ Diode Laser has the ability to minimize bleeding by coagulating blood vessels during procedures greatly improves the clinician's visibility. This ability also offers significant advantages for gingival troughing during veneer and crown impressions. The D-Storm™ Laser’s precise and minimally invasive technique allows for accurate troughing of gingival tissue to expose the margins of the tooth, ensuring optimal impression accuracy and fit for veneers and crowns.

The D-Storm™ Laser offers 4 pulsed modes to be chosen according to the patients’ periodontal phenotype allowing the practitioner to customize treatments. This customization is particularly beneficial during gum reshaping for a more balanced smile or removing excess tissue for improved symmetry. The use of the Super and the Short Pulse allows a gentle, effective and clean procedure without bleeding and minimal discomfort.

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Troughing with the D-Storm™ Diode Laser
Dr. Charleston Bispo, Brazil

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