The D-Storm™ Diode Laser offers numerous benefits for aesthetic dental treatments, enhancing both procedural precision and patient experience. Its ability to precisely target soft tissue ensures predictable results for highly accurate cosmetic enhancements, such as gingival aesthetic recontouring, gingival hyperpigmentation removal, and gingival troughing for veneer and crown impressions.

The D-Storm™ super pulsed laser features different pulse modes tailored to the patient's periodontal phenotype, allowing the practitioner to customize treatments. This customization is particularly beneficial during gum reshaping for a more balanced smile or removing excess tissue for improved symmetry. Gingival hyperpigmentation removal aims to eliminate dark spots or patches on the gums caused by excessive melanin production. The laser effectively removes these pigmented areas, resulting in uniform, pink gums that enhance the overall aesthetics of the mouth. This procedure not only improves visual appeal but also boosts the confidence of patients who may have been self-conscious about their gum color.

The D-Storm™ Laser’s coagulation ability is crucial for gingival troughing, which is essential in the preparation for veneers and crowns. The laser precisely creates the necessary space while minimizing bleeding and promoting quick healing. Proper gingival troughing is essential for exposing the margins of the tooth, ensuring optimal impression accuracy and enhancing the longevity and aesthetics of veneers and crowns.

Teeth whitening, a widely recognized aesthetic dental procedure, benefits from the advanced technology of the D-Storm™ Diode Laser. The laser energy can accelerate the whitening process, making the treatment both efficient and gentle. The treatment is performed with the D-Storm™ Whitening Handpiece, ensuring a brighter and more youthful-looking smile.

Clinical Movies:

Troughing with the D-Storm™ Diode Laser
Dr. Charleston Bispo, Brazil

Whitening with the D-Storm™ Diode Laser
Dr. Veronica Palacios, Paraguay

Gingivectomy with the D-Storm™ Diode Laser
Prof. Ana Clara Pedroni, Brazil

Gingivectomy with the D-Storm™ Diode Laser
Dr. Anaeliza Figueiredo, Brazil

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