The D-Storm™ super pulsed laser system offers precision and accuracy, allowing for targeted treatment of pathological tissues while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissues.

In addition to its precision, the D-Storm™ laser helps stop the bleeding by coagulating blood vessels during procedures. This not only improves visibility for the practitioner but also often eliminates the need for sutures, making the treatment possible for every area of the oral cavity. Patients benefit from reduced pain and discomfort both during and after laser treatments compared to traditional methods due to the biostimulation effect.

The D-Storm™ laser also reduces the risk of post-operative infections due to its disinfection effects, which is particularly beneficial in the oral cavity susceptible to bacterial contamination.

The versatility of the D-Storm™ laser makes it suitable for a variety of oral pathology applications, including the treatment of oral lesions, incisional and excisional biopsies, herpes, aphtha, pain management. This adaptability makes the D-Storm™ laser a valuable addition to any dental practice.

Clinical Movies:

Mucocele Scar Removal with the D-Storm™ Diode Laser
Dr. Isabela Bezerril, Brazil

Pain therapy with the D-Storm™ Diode Laser
Prof. Ana Clara Pedroni, Brazil

Leukoplakia removal with the D-Storm™ Diode Laser
Dr. Dimitris Strakas, Greece

Leukoplakia removal with the D-Storm™ Diode Laser
Dr. Marcia Gonçalves and Dr. Marines Freire Trevisan, Brazil

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