Er: YAG Laser in Handpiece

Aesthetic Dentistry

  • Gingival re-contouring smile design.
  • Depigmentation of natural melanin deposits.
  • Tooth preparation for aesthetic reconstruction.
  • Excellent for debonding porcelain veneers and crowns. Allows dentists to re-use veneers while preserving tooth substance.


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  • Minimally invasive opening preparation: No thermal damage or micro-cracks. 
  • Bactericidal and debridement efficiency: Removes smear layer, cleans and disinfects root canals. 
  • Apicoectomy: Performed in a Minimal Invasive way.


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  • Precise & minimally invasive bone ablation. 
  • Non traumatic bone preparation for implant anchorage.
  • Second stage surgery without damaging implants.
  • Effective treatment modality for Peri-Implantitis. 
  • Implant decontamination without any damage to the implant surface. 
  • Sub-ablative disinfection without injuring healthy bone.
  • Increased bone-implant contact rate by encouraging bone growth factors. 


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Maxillofacial Surgery

  • Bone cutting is performed in a precise and selective way, while maintaining tissue integrity. 
  • Non traumatic osteotomy. 
  • Bone ablation, with no thermal effects. 
  • An elected tool for therapy of jaw osteonecrosis in bisphosphonate treated patients. 
  • Stimulates bone growth factors (Better Bone Healing). 


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Oral Pathology

  • Minimally invasive surgery of benign odontogenic tumor. 
  • Precise biopsy for safe histological diagnosis.
  • Efficiently reduces symptoms in different oral pathologies.


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Oral Surgery

  • Minimal invasive surgery of oral soft tissue and bone. 
  • Precise clear cut.
  • Bactericidal effect: disinfection of the surgical site.
  • Fast healing of soft tissue and bone. No trauma to the treated tissues. 
  • Non inflammatory and infectious post-operative complications or discomfort.


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  • Fast and safe removal of ceramic orthodontic brackets. 
  • Useful for removing remnant adhesive material from the enamel surface after debonding.
  • An efficient alternative to acid-etching for enamel surface preparation prior to bracket bonding.


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Pediatric Dentistry

  • The preferred method for treating children: Less fear factor; less noise; no vibrations. 
  • Precise, gentle and minimally invasive treatments. 
  • Excellent disinfection of contaminated dentine.
  • Guaranties the success of restoration process.
  • Efficient disinfection of occlusal pits and fissures, even in deep ones. 
  • Friendly equipment for good compliance: Well accepted by children. 


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  • Effective pocket debridement & bactericidal effect (disinfection). 
  • Precise & selective granulation tissue ablation. 
  • Effective and selective calculus removal. 
  • Minimally invasive surgery. Fast healing of soft tissue and bone. 
  • Minimal inflammatory and infectious post-operative complications and discomfort. 


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Restorative Dentistry

  • Exceptional visibility: Non-contact work
  • Precise & selective ablation of carious lesions; avoids unnecessary ablation of healthy tissues. 
  • No vibration, no micro cracks and no carbonization. 
  • Bactericidal effect: Decontamination of the remaining dentin. 


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