The D-Storm™ Diode Laser is transforming periodontal care with its precision, versatility, and efficacy in addressing a wide range of periodontal conditions. From gingivectomy to pocket disinfection, this advanced laser technology offers numerous benefits for both patients and practitioners.

In gingivectomy and gingivoplasty procedures, the D-Storm™ Diode Laser provides a minimally invasive alternative to traditional surgical techniques. Its precise cutting ability allows for the removal of excess gum tissue and reshaping of the gingival contour without bleeding and minimal discomfort. Patients experience faster healing and reduced post-operative pain.

The laser's ability to effectively decontaminate periodontal pockets and sulcular debridement is particularly advantageous. By targeting and eliminating bacteria and infected tissue, the D-Storm™ Diode Laser promotes periodontal health and facilitates periodontal therapy, resulting in improved clinical outcomes and reduced risk of disease recurrence.

Clinical Movies:

Disinfection of the periodontal pocket with the D-Storm™ Diode Laser
Dr. Franklin Mora, Costa Rica

Gum biostimulation with the D-Storm™ Diode Laser
Dr. Tony Carreon, Brazil

Gingivectomy with the D-Storm™ Diode Laser
Dr. Anaeliza Figueiredo, Brazil

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