Er: YAG Laser in Handpiece

Precise and selective osteotomy can be achieved using the LiteTouch™ Er:YAG Dental laser, during maxillofacial surgery. Preferring the LiteTouch™ Er:YAG treatment over traditional treatments ensures non-traumatic, clear osteotomy free of smear layer and debris. The bactericidal property of the laser decontaminates the surgical site and its bio-stimulation characteristics stimulate bone repair.

Treatment of jaw osteonecrosis or surgery of the third impacted molar, bone sinus elevation and other maxillofacial bone surgeries can be performed with less-post-operative complications resulting in fast healing and long-lasting results.

Clinical Movies:

Window opening for sinus lift (very thick bone) with LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser
Dr. Joe Xanthopoulos, Australia

Sinus window opening with LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser
Dr. Madalin Sandulescu, Romania

Window opening for sinus lift with LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser
Dr. Tosun Tosun, Turkey

Bone graft with LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser
Dr. Tony Carreon, Brazil

Articles & Clinical Cases:

1. Histomorphological changes in human bone - After in vivo Er:YAG laser and ultrasound osteotomy

2. Schneiderian membrane perforation rate and increase in bone temperature during maxillary sinus floor elevation by means of Er:YAG laser. An animal study in pigs

3. Assessment of temperature rise and time of alveolar ridge splitting by means of Er:YAG laser, piezosurgery, and surgical saw: an ex vivo study


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