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Light Instruments Ltd. is the world’s leading provider of next generation dental laser equipment for hard and soft tissue treatments. As a pioneer dental laser manufacturer, Light Instruments’ vision is to advance dental care by developing high-end laser systems for better treatment experience for both dentists and patients.

Light Instruments aims at making Dental Lasers a standard-of-care, to help eliminate patient’s dental phobia and anxiety and change the way dental treatments are perceived. Light Instruments’ cutting-edge dental lasers and technologies have already become leading market brands.

Light Instruments is headquartered in Israel, distributing its laser products worldwide. The company is affiliated with global academic institutions as well as top dental key-opinion leaders, laser ambassadors, who spread the Dental Laser news worldwide.


LiteTouch™ is the world’s smallest Er:YAG dental laser

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D-Storm™ is a 980nm Diode dental laser

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We believe and we invest!

We invest in Research and Development:
Continuously Developing New Technologies
The dental market is dynamic and growing. Our mission is to continue developing new technologies. We recently launched a New Line of Dental Lasers as well as new accessories for our flagship device – LiteTouch™!

We invest in Our products:
Optimizing our QA and Operations activities
Utilizing an accurate demand plan, we optimize our supply chain, delivering the highest quality products to our customers worldwide!

We invest in Our Customers:
Supporting you every step of the way! 
With our knowledge and your expertise, we will provide the scientific, educational and marketing background for your dental laser business to flourish! 

Exhibitions, Conferences & Company Events:

38th CIOSP Conference, 2020

President's Dinner, 2020

IDS Exhibition 2019

5th American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), 2019

The WFLD 16th International Congress, 2018

Annual Scientific Conference, 2018

On-board Scientific Conference, 2017

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