Just Place & Lase

D-Storm™ Diode Dental Laser is a unique modular system, combined of Stations and Portable Units. With Stations in every treating room, the Portable Unit can be mobilized between rooms in no-time and with no hassle, serving all dentists and dental professionals.

Enhanced Pulsing Technology

D-Storm™ superiority is in its precise cutting capabilities. The Super and Short pulse modes provide high peak-power laser emissions. These pulses are shorter than tissue thermal relaxation time causing immediate tissue vaporization. The result is precise surgical cutting with minimal collateral effect, less traumatic to the tissue and less painful to the patient.

Expanded Treatment Options

D-Storm™ is designed to support numerous clinical applications. Programmed with four pulse modes and a continuous wave and equipped with three handpieces and a variety of fiber tips, D-Storm™ can perform treatments in:

•  Oral surgery

•  Pediatric dentistry

•  Periodontics

•  Prosthetic dentistry

•  Implantology

•  Endodontics

•  Oral pathology

•  Aesthetics

Variety of Bendable Tips

D-Storm™ is equipped with a variety disposable, flexible and bendable tips. The tips differ in diameter and length, in order to cover all surgical treatment possibilities.
The single-use tips allow for more efficient use of the laser and therefore a more efficient treatment.

Safe and Effective

D-Storm™ 980nm wavelength is simultaneously absorbed in both Hemoglobin and Water, for precise treatment with less collateral impact. D-Storm™ achieves a hemostatic effect during surgery, enabling a clear field of vision of the treated area for better precision and control.

Easy Operation

D-Storm™ friendly user interface and pre-defined presets make it an intuitive and easy-to-use laser device, for maximum usability and improved user experience.

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