Mr. Eric Ben Mayor

Mr. Eric Ben Mayor

Light Instruments—CEO

Mr. Eric Ben Mayor has served as CEO of Light Instruments Ltd. since 2016. He has over three decades of experience as a senior executive at leading international businesses in the medical and dental fields and is well-known for his leadership and creative management skills.

Eric provides consultancy services to numerous leading Israeli and overseas companies in all matters relating to their investment activities and raising capital. In addition to representing large firms in mergers and acquisition transactions, he also advises on multinational strategic planning, managing large corporations, building strategic corporate visions, and creating shareholder value for multinational corporations. He continues providing ongoing consultancy and legal services to multinational companies, specializing in acquisitions, mergers and business development.

Eric is a member of the Israeli Bar Association and Tel Aviv Lawyers’ Association, and is active in the international legal world.

Eric graduated from Jerusalem’s Hadassah Academic College as well as Ramat Gan Law and Business School. He specialized in intellectual property at Oxford University’s Faculty of Law and also holds a diploma in international trade studies from the Japanese External Trade Organization.

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