The Treatment Approach to Caries Using the Er:YAG Laser

Rome, Italy
18 December, 2019

Prof. Roly Kornblit presents a different approach for Caries treatment in his article “The treatment approach to caries using the Er:YAG laser”. Prof. Kornblit summarizes the reasons why Caries treatment with the LiteTouch™ Er:YAG Dental Laser fulfills many of the requirements of minimal-invasive surgery:

  • The ability to ablate small areas of the infected layer guarantees maximum conservation of the tooth structure.
  • When using the Er:YAG Dental Laser there is good visual control of the ablated area therefore it is easier to vaporize only the infected tissue and stop at the affected zone.
  • As the amorphic dentine infected layer is richer in water, laser ablation of the infected layer is faster compared to ablation of the affected layer or healthy dentine.
  • The antibacterial property of the Er:YAG laser, helps to decontaminate the affected layer, which retains its remineralization potential.


Prof. Kornblit demonstrates the requirements mentioned above in a case review at the end of his article.

Download the full article here!
The Treatment Approach to Caries Using the Er:YAG Laser

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