“The LiteTouch™ laser opened my mind to explore the wonderful world of Laser Dental Therapy“

Interview with Dr Bernard Dahan, Periodontist
02 February, 2018

In a recent Israeli Health TV program, Dr. Bernard Dahan, shared his experience and knowledge about Laser advantages in Dentistry.

Dr Bernard Dahan, a well know Periodontist, Founder of the Moria Periodontal Centre located in Haifa – Israel (a Dental Clinic specializing in Periodontics, Microsurgery and Implantology). Dr. Dahan also directs: “The Moria Training Centre” a Private Academy hosting exclusive and professional perfecting dentistry courses.


Dr Dahan expressed: “After receiving conventional training in Periodontics, it is not always easy to leave old paradigms that left no place for Laser Therapy. In the past ten years, scientific evidence has been documented, showing the effectiveness and advantages of Er:Yag Laser therapy in periodontics and oral surgery. This has allowed me to open my mind and explore the wonderful world of Laser therapy“


He added: “The ability to adapt and to set the power, frequency, energy, direction and diameter of the laser beam provide infinite solutions that makes the LiteTouch™ Er:Yag laser an unavoidable tool in modern surgery. The advantages of Laser therapy over other mechanical instruments are highlighted even more with the use of microsurgery. I feel very excited to discover a new world after several years in which I believed that everything had already been said and done.”


The Interview was broadcasted on the “Only Health” TV show, hosted by Dr. Osnat Velfish, on the Israeli Chanel 12 on February 13th , 2018 and on the Israeli “Health Channel” on February 1st , 2018.


“The LiteTouch™ laser opened my mind to explore the wonderful world of Laser Dental Therapy“

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