Light Instruments` 2018 Scientific Conference

Dear Friends,


Light Instruments` is proud to invite all dentists to attend the “Light Instruments’ Annual Scientific Conference” to be held at a historical palace in Fiuggi, Italy.


During the upcoming weeks we will announce all the essential information about the Conference, including a variety of planned touristic activities and special social events.


Level-Up your Dental Expertise!


Join us on this exclusive opportunity to experience

the romantic & relaxing scenery of Italy!

Our package includes:


  • 5 days at the famous historical Grand Hotel Palazzo della Fonte, Fiuggi, Italy
  • 1 full day of “Laser Dentistry” Scientific Conference and Hands-On sessions
  • One day entrance ticket to SPA (recommended for companions during the scientific conference day)
  • 3 days of Guided Tours at formidable sites such as Pompeii an ancient roman city, Napoli the third largest municipality in Italy after Rome and Milan, Lago di Nemi, Castel Gandolfo & Castelli Romani, a volcanic region of castles inspiring archaeological interest. As well as a shopping excursion to the region’s main outlets.


Level-Up your Dental Expertise!

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