When Laser Light meets Polar Light

"Journal of New Taipei City", Issue 269, Pages 106-113
03 October, 2017

Light Instruments’ annual event, the On-Board Scientific Conference, draws attention of the Taiwanese Media.

In a recent review the “Journal of New Taipei City” in Taiwan, published an impressive 8 page article (authored by Jyuhn H. KE, Ph.D. et al.) including pictures and memories from the Taiwanese delegation at the conference.

Among different passionate narrations in the article, the following quote summarizes it all: “This is the First Annual Scientific Conference of Laser Dentistry hosted by Light Instruments with all the famous clinicians and researchers throughout the world to update and share their knowledge and experience in all fields of oral laser in an enjoyable and informal atmosphere. On our way to Alaska, even more surprisingly, all of the delegates from Taiwan are the only group who get to see the Polar Light when we were still digesting our knowledge from the Laser Light. This is truly a life time experience to witness this miracle Polar and Laser Light at the same time!!”

To see the full article please press on the link below.

When Laser Light meets Polar Light
When Laser Light meets Polar Light

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