Laser – Core Basic Training (Module 1 + Module 2)

Bristol, UK
06 March, 2021

The British Medical Laser Association course will include 2 modules:

  • Laser Protection Course as Module 1
  • Laser Core basic Training Course as Module 2


Course duration is planned to be 8 hours and will be delivered by Graham Hart, RPA-2000 certificated LPA & BMLA Member.


Module 1 online course will include – Basic principles of laser generation and review of laser; Laser-tissue interaction mechanisms; Practical Application of Legislation & Guidance to Dentistry and more.


Module 2 onsite course will include – Integration of lasers into dental practice – clinical and marketing aspects; Laser use in Oral surgery; Laser use in hard-tissue management; Laser interaction with dental caries, enamel, dentine, cementum, alveolar bone; Laser in aesthetic dentistry; Laser use in oral soft-tissue management; Laser in implantology and role of laser-assisted therapy in the management of peri-implantitis and more.


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Laser – Core Basic Training (Module 1 + Module 2)

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